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Our current location has closed and we are pursuing alternative locations!


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      Serving the South East Twin Cities

Our Goal

To create an environment that builds community among our members by establishing a culture of creativity, experimentation and collaboration.  Whether you are an individual, hobbyist, inventor, designer or craftsman there will be something here to aid your quest.

Our Purpose

Make for All wishes to provide open access to workspaces, tools, machines, training and professional services. 

We profss to be a hands-on education center for young and old alike, providing maker experiences and helping people along a path of discovery that is essential to career readiness and growth.
We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity  to explore their interests, collaborate on ideas, learn, make, and build for themselves.

Our Current Mission is a Work in Progress!


Currently we are looking for a place to land and interested in speaking to:
  • People that are entrepreneurial in spirit and interested in making. 
  • Forming a team dedicated to the launch of a maker space of our own in the SE Twin Cities. 
  • People to share their interests so we can provide the best experience possible. 
  • Organizations willing to provide advertising, sponsorship, and partnerships. 

 If you have interest in participating in our launch, volunteering or joining as a member please contact us.

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